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1.          Overview

1)      OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX is an important initialization parameter to configure Oracle External User environment.

2)      External User is a kind of Oracle External Authentication solution.

3)      With Oracle External User, the user authentication process is accomplished by operating system automatically.

4)      Authorized OS user can access Oracle database directly without providing username and password other than logon with prompting these information.

2.          Official Reference


Parameter type



OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX = authentication_prefix

Default value




OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX specifies a prefix that Oracle uses to authenticate users attempting to connect to the server. Oracle concatenates the value of this parameter to the beginning of the user's operating system account name and password. When a connection request is attempted, Oracle compares the prefixed username with Oracle usernames in the database.


The default value of this parameter is OPS$ for backward compatibility with previous versions. However, you might prefer to set the prefix value to "" (a null string), thereby eliminating the addition of any prefix to operating system account names


The text of the OS_AUTHENT_PREFIX parameter is case sensitive on some operating systems.

See Also:

l          Your operating system-specific Oracle documentation for the default value

3.          Best Practice

Create Oracle database user with OS authentication solution.

3.1    Prerequisite Checking

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