Porridge and User Requirement

on 04/07/2009

I have been learning healthy diet theory these days, accompanied with some practical experiments. Through the theoretical point of view, it is healthier to have porridge for dinner. This is mainly because individuals usually sleep at night instead of outdoor activities. Therefore, going on a light diet can reduce the burden of most human organs which subsequently makes your body healthier. Then I am falling in love with porridge and kimchi for my dinner day in day out.

Porridge and Kimchi

Because I love it just like I love database technology, I always cook the porridge with my heart and soul. I have developed a considerable number of solutions to make the porridge become more and more delicious, like for instance, embedded with several red dates, plug in with fresh cabbage model and so on. As a result of my constantly hard work and all sorts of prototype tests, integrated with little salt and chicken powder turns out to be the perfect solution eventually, especially with delicate fragrance. I integrated the exact amount of resources at an accurate point in time successfully, provided my high quality product to my high quality client – my LD with my honor, looking forward to the appreciation from LD:)

After LD received my deliverable product, she just mixed it with rich-smelled kimchi, the pure light-fragrance porridge suddenly became into red spicy-sour porridge. One thing much worse is all my efforts were gone with wind.

Me: "This is the special porridge for special you, it is full with love, and the delicate fragrance is the soul of the porridge, but now its' gone."

LD: "What I need is a bowl of porridge which can make me full."

Me: "But what if the porridge with delicate fragrance? Isn't that better?"

LD: "Your porridge is used to adapt my kimchi, it doesn't matter whether it is delicious. Your responsibility is only to cook for porridge, thank you for your porridge."

What else can I say?

Do we have any similar experience like 'Porridge' and 'Kimchi' during the researching phase in a project? Although we work hard with excellent idea on the product, our client is still reckless with it? Although we have tried our best to serve our customers with high quality products, we have not realized that we had not understood our customers’ requirements until the day we deliver our product? However, client is our god, client is the reason we live.

Please do always remember that: There is no mistake of our client!

Anyway, I will have a further discuss with LD in advance before I cook next time, in order to eliminate unnecessary gas, power, water, rice, olive oil, salt, etc and human resource, additionally, the most significant thing is to keep our best image in the mind of our clients:)


LD means LeaDer which also means wife.

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